Security - Every organization is looking for ways to make their environments as secure as possible. 

 Do you need to limit access to ambulance bays, and other vehicle entry points, to authorized vehicles?

 Do you have a concern that these vehicles are often left unattended while first responders care for your patients?

 Have you considered  any of the following?

  • Badge systems

  • Cameras

  • Pressure tubes

  • Photo-eyes

 RFID systems offer several advantages over the alternatives:


Benefits of a RFID system:

  •  RFID provides LONGER READ RANGE than badge systems, allowing drivers to stay in the vehicle.

  •  RFID is an UNATTENDED system, providing extensive savings compared to camera systems which require a full-time employee to monitor.

  •  RFID is SYSTEM AUTHORIZED.  Only those validated by the system are allowed entry, making RFID significantly more secure than pressure tubes and photo eyes.

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Portal Access Security System (PASS)

PASS controls access to secured areas using UHF RFID. 

This product reads RFID tags that have been authorized in the system and can be used to trigger a variety of hardware such as locks, door openers, and stack lights. 

The primary use case involves using a windshield tag on ambulances, squad cars, and hearses to authorize access to an emergency room ambulance bay.

Alternatives, like pressure tubes or photo eyes will open the doors for any vehicles regardless of whether or not they should be allowed access.  This creates a security risk regarding the assets of the vehicles of 1st responders that are in the bay. 

PASS is available as a service - monthly subscription required (SaaS).


Door Access Systems


Security Issues to Consider

Security. Every organization is looking for ways to make their environments as secure as possible. Every opportunity to improve in this area needs to be considered. Checkout our free whitepaper which will analyze one particular case on security systems.

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