DDSI understands that today's busy environment is filled with challenges. There's enough work in a day alone that demands attention, without having additional key hardware failures. Because of this, DDSi offers various repair services for added convenience and peace of mind.

Our Hardware Maintenance Plans make it easy for you to perform your normal operations, without having to waste valuable time and labor with systems that are mission critical to your operations.

You can begin today and by Requesting a Quote for DDSi's Maintenance Service Plans here.

Maintenance Contracts

We manage all of the steps required to establish access to repair services on a contract basis.

Maintenance contracts provide you with a fixed response time and a known annual budget for these services.

We offer repair contracts for all of the major hardware vendors.


Return To Depot

The most economical contracts are for return to depot service.  The response time for return of your equipment is directly linked to the contract price.

We will work with you to find the right balance of response time and spares to minimize both downtime and total cost of ownership.


Onsite Service

There are times when onsite service is preferred.  This is true for mission critical items.  

It is also true for heavy items, like printers, that are difficult and expensive to ship.

Sometimes, with a complex system, it is not clear what the precise issue is.  In cases like this, an onsite visit may be required.

Regardless of the reason, we can provide onsite service for most products.