Freedom With Speech

The cornerstone of SyVox solutions is the SyVox Client:  A standard application software, which uses multiple modalities.

They include natural speech, bar code scanning, and keyboard entry to exchange information between the enterprise’s data management system and mobile workers who are equipped with speech-ready mobile computers. The SyVox Client software connects to an enterprise data management system via open, standards based technology— SyVox Voice XML.

The Technology Behind SyVox

SyVox is a multimodal application that utilizes open standards VoiceXML (VXML) to enable speech applications.

Work flows are scripted using VXML documents to direct the worker through particular tasks and prompt him for input via speech or barcode or keyboard.  This multimodal approach provides great flexibility and offers the developer a variety of input methods to use to direct the worker and obtain input.  As an example, the worker could be prompted to speak the quantity of units that have been put from the pallet to the rack and leverage the bar code reader to collect an 11 digit UPC.  The combination of speech and scanning improves efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors.  Unspoken insturctions on the screen reduce training time and free up supervisors for other tasks.  

Device Independent

SyVox runs on a variety of devices ranging from brick and gun style units to wearables so you can use the right form factor for the job.  Utilizing  a speaker independent approach, SyVox insures there is no speech training time required and the devices are not tied to a particular worker. 

Any worker can use any device from the ones available onsite and the IT staff does not have to coordinate matching speech profiles with a particular user or device.  SyVox is device independent and runs on a variety of terminals so you are not locked into a particular platform. 

Advantages of SyVox

Excellent Recognition
-Move seamlessly between quiet to noisy areas
-Handles most accents

DIY/Roll Your Own
-Integrate directly into current system using industry standard interfaces
-Use existing emulation screens without changes

Leverage your current business logic and processes
-Increased productivity with speech without changing the way you do business
-Create your own rules, not those of the voice vendor
-Move users seamlessly between tasks

Low cost of implementation for faster ROI
-Quicker design and development
-Own your host code
-Faster training
    -Screen based instruction
    -Speaker independent
    -Temp labor
    -Multiple input options
        -Speech, scanning, keyboard
-Choice of off the shelf hardware from major manufacturers

Benefits of SyVox

Productivity.  Accuracy.  Efficiency.
-Implementations see anywhere from 15-30% increases in productivity.
-Increases accuracy by entry validation with multi-modal inputs.
-SyVox customers realize a ROI in 1 year to as quick as 3 months.
-Eyes and hands free work improves ergonomics and safety
-Real-time visibility of workers and reporting keeps management well informed.

For more information on SyVox, please visit the SyVox website:
All SyVox product info seen here is republished by permission from Genesta.