Welcome to the new DDSi website!

After months of redesign, DDSi is pleased to announce the release of it's new corporate website. 

This spring, DDSi rebuilt it's website, with additional plans to add new features and content. This fresh new look now includes easier navigation, high definition visuals, easier ways to connect with DDSi, detailed product information, a blog to include news and industry related articles and videos, social media integration, mobile friendly layout, as well as an easy way to search the site for enhanced functionality.

In addition to this, DDSi also decided to rebrand it's online presence to a more simpler and efficient domain name: ddsi.io

DDSi chose this new online identity as the .IO TLD (top level domain name) extension is becoming more utilized within the technology sector. The .IO extension seems to fit perfectly with what warehouse inventory processes consist of at its core: "input and output".

This design revision and implementation was completed in June of 2015. 

DDSi looks forward to continue to build upon and improve this site, as we welcome any feedback that our users and customers will wish to share with us.


Welcome to the DDSi Blog


Welcome to the very first blog entry on the DDSi Corporate Blog. In the future, you will be able to find the latest news about our business, as well as useful content about inventory management in general.

Who is DDSi? Diversified Data Systems, Inc. is a leader in inventory control, supply chain visibility, and warehouse management software for companies of all sizes. We are geographically located on the East side of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Our eWIN warehouse management system allows for total control of all aspects of warehouse operations.  We provide a total solution. This control allows for lower costs due to improved labor and equipment utilization.  Better inventory control also allows for reductions in safety stock and an overall reduction in inventory.

Our goal is to provide systems based solutions to warehouse operations. We provide solutions that provide the highest ratios of feature/function/price that the marketplace offers.

We’ll cover many interesting topics and articles in this blog. So keep visiting us here for updates, as well as the other sections of the DDSi website for more information.

Thank you!