Flawless Fulfillment Through Technology – Part 2: Expedite Order Picking and Accuracy

For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the 6 major processes that most typical warehouse inventory systems are built on. If done right, each process will enable you to reach what we like to call "flawless fulfillment". 

Mobile technology can help you achieve picking perfection in your warehouse operation. Equipping the crew with tools that can help them pick faster and more accurately keeps them focused on the job, not wandering around in search of orders or products.

Image by DaraKero_F    - Used & edited with permission under    Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0 Generic)

DDSi looks at the multi-modal approach to picking. Using voice-directed and hands-free technology with thoughtful ergonomics enables the team to make the most out of every motion. A ring scanner, wrist-mounted wearable computer, headset, and mobile printer can deliver unmatched speed and precision in the picking process. The picker scrolls through the orders on the wrist computer, selects one, and begins picking. The headset—like the Zebra RCH51—enables voice-directed communications, another time saver. 

The Zebra WT41NO wearable terminal is lightweight only in size, not computing power. We appreciate how much technology Zebra has packed into this compact device. The built-in microphone enables push-to-talk (PTT), and text-to-speech engines.

Using the ring scanner, the picker just points to the barcode, which is not only faster than a traditional scanner but also easier on the hand and wrist of a picker. The scanner verifies the order accuracy or alerts the picker of the error. The Zebra RS419 ring scanner and RS507 cordless ring scanner are both designed for rugged daily use so that downtime doesn’t factor into the process.

The mobile picking solution delivers a rapid ROI, particularly if you’re moving from a manual system to an automated one. But we’ve seen businesses with 98 percent picking accuracy inch up to nearly 100%, and the savings in labor and reduced mispicks was still large enough to make the investment a smart one.

When you’re ready to mobilize your picking process, please contact us to talk about your warehouse operation and goals.