Managing Remote and Mobile Workers

The right VoIP System allowed us to reinvent our company.  Whether sales or technical, our staff works largely independently; yet, we were paying every month for office space for each employee.  By downsizing our offices and allowing our people to work remotely, we have saved $79,800 in rent as of this moment (57 months at a 1400 per month savings).  That ROI goes up $1400 every month. 

 The employees love it, or so they tell me.  We also have two employees whose continued employment would have required some serious effort and expense to keep as a seamless part of our system.

 I looked at our old phone bills and we were paying about $200 a month for local and long distance service.  I had forgotten that there was a time when the long distance bill was a “thing.”  VoIP clients don’t have long distance bills.  We are paying about $200 a month for our Ring Central lines so, in our case, that is not part of our ROI but, it is a push so our rent savings are real and all of that money has fallen through to the bottom line.

 Another huge advantage to us was the fact that there was no upfront hardware investment to begin receiving our savings.  We chose to have our employees use a headset with an application that runs on their PC’s.  We could have purchased a half-dozen VoIP phones for less than $800.  Even if we had, that means our ROI on the system would still have been less than one month ($1400 in savings and $800 in costs). 

 The installation was simple enough that I was able to do it myself with phone support from Ring Central.  Our technical people were not required.  That is true today with support issues as well; even he GM can handle them!

 We liked the product so much that we have added it to our portfolio and have become a reseller.  We feel this is a powerful endorsement for this products. Would you want to eat at a restaurant where the employees won’t eat the food?  Are you old enough to remember Victor Kiam?  He was the business man who in 1978 was famous for ads for Remington Shavers?  He used the tag line “I liked the shaver so much I bought the company.”

 We were able to tie all of our remote workers together so that it was transparent to our clients.  When a call comes in to the main number, our staff can transfer it to Kansas City just as easily as they used to transfer it to an extension down the hall.

 We also like that we had a choice of technologies we could use to access Ring Central.  You can use a voice over IP phone, a smart phone client, or a “soft phone” that runs on your PC.  The softphone is nice as you can tie it to your contacts thereby eliminating the need to dial and the possibility of mis-dialing.

 Each one of our lines comes with a conference calling account at no additional charge.  We make extensive use of this when trying to coordinate phone calls with our clients.  We no longer miss scheduled calls because someone stepped away for a moment or ran a little long on their previous appointment. 

 Ring Central also offers Ring Central Meetings.  This product also comes with the line fee and allows you to host internet-based meetings for groups up to 25 attendees.  It offers screen sharing, video, and just about everything else you would expect from a product like this.  We have used one of the large well-known web conference companies and this product compares favorably at no additional charge.

Any messages left on your line are converted to an audio file and sent to you email as an attachment.  This allows us to receive messages without needing to dial in to check for voice mail. They just flow right through to my smart phone in the same time thread as any other message I receive. 

 Every digital line also supports sending and receiving faxes.  There is less of that now but it is still useful.  Every one of our staff that has a scanner can do internet faxing right from source documents.

 We can also receive text messages as attachments to email.  We don’t make extensive use of that but it has come in handy a couple of times.

 Ring Central has a wealth of features that are beyond the scope of this document.  The intent here was to highlight those which not only guided our selection of Ring Central but that we can vouch for without hesitation as working as promised with nearly 5 years of use under our belt.


To recap, we were looking for a system with the following:

1.       Seamless integration of local and remote staff

2.       Choice of access technologies

3.       Conference calling

4.       Meetings

5.       Voice messages to email

6.       Full fax functionality

7.       Integrated texting


RingCentral allows us to do all of this and more. Check out what RingCentral can do for you.